Friday, June 24, 2016

Business Leads



I’m curious to know if you are currently interested/seeking to purchase any Email lists and E-blast services.


We can help you with our database & e-marketing services for improvising your leads flow, ROI, profits, market shares, marketing, branding, recruiting, sales, new product launch, survey campaigns.


Regional Coverage: North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America


Industries Coverage: Advertising & Marketing, Aerospace, Automotive, Biotechnology, Business Services, Construction & Materials, Finance & Banking, Hospitality, HR & Recruiting, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media & Publishing, Metal & Mining, Oil, Gas & Energy, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Retail, Technology, Telecom, Transportation & Logistics, Wholesalers etc.


Contacts Coverage: CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, COOs, CIOs, VPs, GMs, Presidents, Chairman's, Business Owners, Directors, Mid level Managers, Sales & Marketing Managers, HR Managers, IT Managers etc.


Let us know your exact Target Audience (Geographic Location / Business Vertical / Job Titles) and we'll give you updated counts, pricing & sample.


If you feel that I should talk to somebody else in your company/ acquaintances, please forward this email to the right person and I’ll be happy to collaborate further.


Appreciate your time and I definitely look forward to hear from you.


Matt Owens

Business Development

Email Lists | Email Marketing | Data Appending | List Cleansing | Email Hygiene


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Monday, June 13, 2016


760 United Nations Plaza New York, NY 10017, USA
Ref: WB/NF/UN/XX2016
Dear Beneficiary
My name is Mr. Donald Ebere, Director International Financial Crime Commission and Security Transaction under the International Monetary Fund (IMF), My office is attach with Lloyds Bank London, UK to Monitor all foreign approved funds under the United Nation Compensation Payment Commission in collaboration with World Bank.
Your compensation payment file has been submitted to Lloyds Bank as one of the beneficiary that will benefit in this compensation payment exercise, so upon your reply, you will be directed on who to contact here in Lloyds TSB Bank that is in charge of the payment exercise through their Modified On-Line E-payment Facility.
They have the International Monetary Fund mandate to release this approved compensation fund of (Three Million, Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) to you within the next seven working banking days, you are advise to stop all further communications to any bank or organization whom you have been dealing with and focus your attention to Lloyds Bank office and you will send to me your I.D and your direct telephone number,address for easy communication.
We are legitimate and transparent
Best Regards
Mr. Donald Ebere
Supervisor, Payment Investigation/Clearance

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