Thursday, January 13, 2005

tsunami relief

This is an effort to speak with someone on the ground in Sri-Lanka.
I am a 39 year old male living in US I have applied for my passport and am planning on volunteering to help in the rebuilding of the devastated areas in sri-lanka. I feel that I should help and my experience and skills in construction and engineering and operation of heavy equipment among many others seem to be needed. I would like to get the opinion of those there about this I don't wish to be a "missionary" of any sort. I just want to help those who need it. I feel that our country has sent many troops to war in other countries and i too a a veteran of the military but I feel very strongly that this need is great and requires a great response. If anyone has any information of others groups that I can contact once I am on the ground in Sri-Lanka I would greatly appreciate it. I have contact many relief organizations concerning this matter and it seems as though the bueracracy is a stumbling block to some humanitarian efforts as common. My email address is I invite anyone to respond with comments or questions or information.
With Hope,

This might be of
thank you Dan...
Dan thought this might be of help. I wish I'd seen this post earlier.I was in Sri Lanka for about a month looking for a volunteer oppurtunity.It was a very frustrating process till I got ahold of the AOG.This is there website them up I'm sure they'll be able to help you.If you need more information my names Kiran Desilva
Our Chief President Dr Dhanawardane Guruge is the founder of GLobal Humanitarian Foundation. His vision is to help the destitutes of the globe and we have just started gathering information to implement a number of projects and will required your valuable contributions towards achieving his goals - will keep in mind when planning to implement our Elders Home in Wattala - thanks Dan
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