Thursday, December 30, 2004

Sri Lankan Tsunami Victims

This is undoubtedly the worst human tragedy the Sri Lankans had to face. Hope this becomes a place where we can share information about the ways we can help victims and also as a place to exchange information.

We have seen how few hours can change our ideas about life, the world and everything we dream about.

I still remember writing essays about our country when I was small. We firmly believed that we are safe from Natural disasters. Ours was a land above all. To guard and passon to the next generation. A blessed land, A Garden of Eden, A Heaven on earth.

Think many Sri Lankan's think that way too. Hope we all learn the lesson the 'Sea' which we regarded as a guardian of Sri Lanka was trying to say this time. Our time and our life is too short to spend fighting, bickering and going at each others throats.

We should be thankful for all what this land has to offer and learn to share and live together.
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Waves of hope is a non profit free media news site run by volunteer reporters, writers and citizens from all over the country. News here is fresh from the trenches and free from the shackles of editing tables. This can be both a good and a bad thing. Read with care. Contact us here.

Pottuvil Bridges Broken
Filed under: Pottuvil Arugam Bay Infrastructure Roads— Lastnode @ 7:32 am
When volunteers visited Pottuvil yesterday they found that the bridges connecting Ulla to Pottuvil were seperated from each other. Although the main bridge was still standing (albeit buckled), the second, smaller bridge was no more, with only a pile of rubble lying in the water.

The sea swirled menacingly around the rubble as it made its way in to the lagoon. With the only route to Arugam Bay and Ulla cut off, donors from Colombo had no choice but to use a land route, further inland along the lagoon.

Apparently, only four wheel drive vehicles were able to operate on this road, and this writer watched as two such cabs made their way towards A-bay, packed to the brim with relief aid. It is relief workers like them that make us all proud to be a part of this effort.

The same workers told us that casualties along the coast were limited and that the situation was under control. According to them, Panama, a village south of Arugam Bay had received adequate aid for the moment.

The aid workers this writer accompanied distributed aid just north of Pottuvil, at a village called Komare, where it was well received. Victims in the area seemd to be coping well with their predicament. Out of the items requested, mats, pillows and tarpaulin seemed to be asked for the most. Other day-to-day goods such as cups, plates and buckets are needed in the area as well.

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Heavy rains for Manampetiya
Filed under: Valachcheni Manampitiya Welikanda— Lastnode @ 7:15 am
Heavy rains reportedly poured down on Valachcheni and surrounding areas since morning, causing some places along the Manampetiya road to go underwater.

Although WoH got word that the water level was rising, Government Officials in the areas say that rain has ceased and that there is no threat of flooding. Either way, aid convoys going East should be wary of this condition.

As of now however the Manampitiya road and bridge both remain safe for travel.

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Phones out in Hambantota
Filed under: Tangalle Hambantota— Lastnode @ 6:25 am
When volunteers visited the area this week they were told that only mobile carrier Celltel had decent coverage in the area. Dialog GSM phones were apparently operational as well but the coverage from them was said to be a lot less. Doctors at the Hosptial requested two cell phoneswith Celltel Sims in order that they may keep in touch with Colombo. Unfortunately these volunteers were unable to supply this need. This is currently a pressing need at the Hospital.

This writer observed that the SLT Telephone Exchange in the town was hit hard, with one of the two telecom towers lying shredded on the ground. The force of the water had made it curl up in to a little ball. The exchange itself was basically in pieces, with telecom equipment scattered around the building. Army officers were still conducting searches for bodies in the areas surround the building.

Due to this breakdown, SLT lines in Tangalle were down as well. Phone calls from the town are apparently routed through the Hambantota exchange.

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Medical Aid for Hambantota
Filed under: Hambantota Aid Medicine Ampara Kalmunai— Lastnode @ 6:12 am
When WoH volunteers visited the region this week, they were given the following list of essential surgical drugs which were in shortage. Many of these drugs can also be given to other affected hospitals including Kalmunai and other periphery hospitals in the Ampara region. Surgeons specially requested that drugs be handed over directly to the Surgical Units of the respective hospitals as handing them over to the stores section could cause delays with red-tape.

Diclofenac sodium suppositories
Adult – 50mg / 100mg
Paediatric – 12.5mg / 25mg

Spinal needles
Ganges – 22G / 25G / 27G

Cefuroxime IV (Antibiotics) 750mg
Augmentin 1.2g (IV preparation)

Dexamethasone 8mg (IV preparation)

Bupiracaine (or 5% - heavy)

Hetastarch IV Fluids
Hartamas IV Fluids

Ipratropium bromide nebulizer solutions

Midazolam IV preparation

Tramadol 50mg / 100mg suppositories

Metodopramide 10 mg IV preparation

Ranitidine 50mg IV preparation

Nitroderm Patches (Glyceryl trinitrate)


Surgical spirit

Most hospitals in the South East said that they had adequate supplies of Panadol and other basic drugs. Note - drug names have been checked against google, but you should check with a doctor before purchasing them anyway.

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Hello Sri Lanka, Hello world
Filed under: General— Lastnode @ 4:30 am
This website has been put together in under a few hours by volunteers from all over Sri Lanka and the world and is aimed at bringing you the latest news from real sources who are in the South and East of Sri Lanka.

Contributors have been all over the country in the last few days. Some cities they have visited include Matara, Galle, Tangalle, Pottuvil, Hambantota, Mulativ and Batticloa.

We hope to feature both short reports (by sms) and lengthy features as well. Our hope is that the website will act as a balancing tool between the local and the foriegn media, giving the world a real understanding of what is happening at ground zero.

Further plans include a donating feature as well as advice on what to send and where.
Sad , Sad , Sad - Tsunami Terrorism ...

It is sad to see our people suffering from these disasters and also the stupidity of some trying to bring up ethnical and political points in the face of it.
Disregard of ethnic origin rebel or no rebel, Tamil or Sinhalese what is required is clean drinking water, food and medicine for all. Otherwise meny more innocent people will die. It is as simple as that So allow the government and aid workers on the ground a free access for help and find out requirements of people. More..
both Queens and Staten Island temples are encouraging medical supplies for the shipments, rather than clothes.
Sorry to sound cynical but what the country needs now are foundation stones. Foundation stones? Yes foundation stones. So the politicians can go around the country laying them and get publicity for themselves.
what makes you so special, why not give to and support the already formed groups that are already geared up to help?
I don't know where to go to find information about Singhala friends who may be missing. I am wondering if anyone has news of Chula Jayasuriya of the Santana Guesthouse in Tangalle ?
I don't know where to go to find information about Singhala friends who may be missing. I am wondering if anyone has news of Chula Jayasuriya of the Santana Guesthouse in Tangalle ?
My heart goes out to the victims. We have alreay sent money to the NGo in Sri Lanka and collecting money to rebuild schools.
I pray for all the victims affected by the Tsunami in Sri Lanka. But, based on my personal experience living amongst the singhalese and having observed the discrimination against the tamils I doubt if relief funds are distributed without prejudice. I would rather contribute to TRO who is doing an excellent and sophisticated job as always. No wonder LTTE is perfectly qualified for creating a separate country for the Tamils of Ceylon.
There are Tamils who discriminate against Tamils. Karuna brought to light the discriminations by Jaffna Tamils against Tamils in the east. High caste Tamils discriminate against low caste Tamils. So what is the guarantee that LTTE or TRO will not discriminate when handling relief supply distribution. A large number of Tamils live all over Sri Lanka amongst Sinhalese and do business, buy land and houses without facing any prejudice. But Sinhalese can not do such things in Jaffna. Please stop using this human tragedy to drum up anti-Sinhalese propaganda.
Reminder to those bickering political pundits that this caption is "Sri Lankan Tsunami Victims". Why don't the handful of you please take the petty political polemics elsewhere. More over, is this a time people to fret on politics, ethnic or religious differences?
Rather indulge in myopia, use the energy within you and around you to help the injured (both victimized physically and psychologically), the living, the orphaned, the displaced and all sri lankans including our brothers and sisters affected elsewhere by this catastrophe.
-Motley Fool
"Nimal Mendis composes Tsunami Song

Nimal Mendis is one of Sri Lanka's outstanding singer/songwriters. He is a composer with dual nationality of Sri Lanka and Britian.

Nimal Mendis was 'discovered' by Radio Ceylon during an era when the oldest radio station in South Asia ruled the airwaves. They plugged his song 'Kandyan Express' and all his songs turning them into hits.

At present Nimal Mendis is living in France. He had 22 songs recorded in Britain in the sixties and appeared on the popular TV show “Top of the Pops " in 1968 with my own song " Feel like a Clown ". It was with his singing partner Sandra Edema as Ranee and Raj. It was a guest appearance. He is among a handful of Sri Lankan artistes ever to go on the 'Top of the Pops' TV program during the height of the the BBC program's popularity in the Swinging Sixties.

One of his songs " Master Sir " has been a popular song in Sri Lanka for many years. He also wrote " Ganga Addara " for the late Vijaya Kumaratunge, the Sri Lankan President's husband who was assasinated in 1988 . He has written these and many other popular film songs for our country’s foremost filmmakers Lester and Sumitra Pieris 's . The two songs mentioned are still played often in Sri Lanka.

Following the destruction and horror of the Tsumani that struck Sri Lanka Nimal Mendis composed a new song. It is based on the unprecedented sadness that the entire island of Sri Lanka is experiencing. The song will be translated into Sinhala and also to Tamil.

Nimal Mendis needs sponsorship for a recording of this song by an organization who could do it like the Band Aid effort by British artistes that collected a huge sum of money for charity. He does not want anything for the song. Money collected should be sent to the President’s fund directly.( copied below )

To contact Nimal Mendis:

Tel: ( 0033 ) 5 45 65 17 66 -

His son ( Paulmarie Mendis ) contact details: in London. Tel: ( 0044 ) 207 272 5748 -

In Sri Lanka - Varadatta Aravinda -

mobile: Tel: ( 00941 ) (0) 777 749420


Name of the Account : “ President’s Fund for Disaster Relief”
Bank : People’s Bank- Head Quarters Branch
Account Number : 204 100 190 136245
Type of the Account : Current Account
Swift Code : PSBKLKLX
Sort Cord : 204-7135
Online Transfer : Facility not available


1st Verse

Oh see the foam

The foam-crested wave

Everyone is dying

No one to save

Rising terror thirty feet

Crashing on the shore

Rolling horror on the land

Destroying door to door

Did you need the tsunami

To leave war behind

To come together

Love each other

My child I cannot find.


Tsunami Tsunami

Can I forget this day

My hand has lost its grip

My child is washed away

Tsunami Tsunami

From the bottom of the quake

Why have you done this?

Hundreds and thousands to take

The sea speaks to you man

The sea speaks to you

I’m cleansing your sins man

And all of your motherland.

2nd Verse

I was watching the sea gull

Diving for the fish

It caught the swimming eel

Out of the deep

I remembered the bullet

Past my ear with a swish

I grabbed my child, saved ourselves

With one mighty leap.

Give me an answer

You transgressed the law

What is in your mind now

My child is no more.


Words and Music by Nimal Mendis.

For further information please see the tsunami information site:"
Chula Jayasuriya and his family, Santana Guesthouse, Tangalla, has survived the tsunami. The restaurant by the lagoon is gone and the guesthouse is badly damaged so he is in need of assistance to repair and rebuild. I am sure any contribution to this effort will be highly appreciated by him. You can get in touch with him by phone 0094 47 22 40 419 or you can contact me at
People from all communities will be protesting against Hot 97 radio station in New York - they insulted the deaths of Sri Lankans among others who perished in the tsunami by airing a racist tsunami song. It has angered people around the world.

Join CAHM in protesting Hot 97 on Monday, Feb. 14 at 12 Noon in NYC.

Black, Hispanic/Latino, White, Asian, Hip Hop, Students ... Everyone!

Hold Hot 97 accountable for promoting hatred in our communities.

The Coalition Against Hate Media (CAHM) is organizing a protest rally of Hot 97 and *EVERYONE IS INVITED* -- Come as an individual or part of a larger group. If you are coming as a group, please e-mail them at This will help us anticipate the size of the protest crowd.

Bring posterboard signs denouncing hatred, racism, and the Hot 97 Tsunami Song. Signs must not be attached to wooden sticks. Use cardboard tubing or hold the signs.

The location of the protest is nearly final, and it will tentatively take place in front of Hot 97 Studios.

Who: Everyone
What: CAHM Protest Rally Against Hot 97/Emmis Communications
When: Monday, February 14 from 12 Noon to 1 p.m.
Hot 97 Studios
395 Hudson St.
(between Clarkson St. & W. Houston St.)
New York, New York

The announcement will be posted on the web at
To receive the announcement via e-mail, subscribe to

In case of severe weather, call 914-882-1279 for the latest information

Newsday has just withdrawn all advertising from Hot 97 as a result of the wicked tsunami song.

Many companies have already pulled advertising from Hot 97 including McDonalds, Reebok, Sprint, and Toyota. We urge Newsday to also withdraw their ads.

Hot 97 radio, owned by Emmis Communications, demeaned and dehumanized millions of victims of the South Asian tsunami to the horror of appalled listeners. To the tunes of "We Are the World," Hot 97 radio hosts sang lyrics containing racial epithets and profanity, and denigrated tsunami victims in the name of God.

Lyrics include "You can hear the screaming ch**ks ... little Chinamen swept away. You can hear 'God laughing swim you b****es swim.'" To read more about this incident, listen to the song, or read the full lyrics, visit the website

The Coalition Against Hate Media (CAHM) was formed over two weeks ago to combat the hatred and intolerance promoted by Hot 97's Tsunami Song, and to hold Hot 97 and parent company Emmis Communications accountable for their actions.

CAHM is a diverse coalition with representatives from different communities: Black, Hispanic/Latino, White, Asian, Hip Hop, student groups, etc. CAHM member organizations attended the January 28 protest rally at Hot 97 Studios, in support of the protest efforts led by City Council Member John C. Liu.

In response to public outcry, Hot 97 fired two staff members, suspended others, and pledged a donation to tsunami relief. However, Hot 97's actions were done unilaterally and not in a spirit of mutual cooperation with the communities they so deeply scarred.

Senior executives from parent company Emmis Communications, not Hot 97, need to meet with community leaders including City Council Member John C. Liu and representatives of CAHM. Firings and suspensions are not enough. Hot 97 management can simply hire new hate producers and DJs. Hot 97 must change its culture of hate: one that condoned, produced, and repeatedly broadcast the Tsunami Song.

About CAHM
The national Coalition Against Hate Media (CAHM) is a diverse coalition of over 40 national and community-based organizations that promotes diverse, fair, and balanced media representation. CAHM denounce messages of hate that discriminate against people based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or religious background.
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